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Traditional window sill box

Santino Planter Window Box with Saucer JARDI

23.6 inch

Jardi is a garden rectangular planter for flowers and different plants. In addition to the planter you get a plastic saucer, which collects excess of water. In this planter you can grow a set of decorative plants, as well as many of the cultural ones. It is often used by gardeners and designers in decorating of hotels, restaurants, private villas and houses.

You can also prepare vegetable seedlings for spring gardening.  You can sow seeds of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, pickles, peas and others. And some people even grow spices on the terrace or balcony, such as parsley, cumin, dill, coriander and others.

Unlike many other seed pots, it is extremely light and can be hung with a special holder directly for the balcony sill.

Available sizes

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